Life and Home Fitness

Even if you don’t feel amazing, keep at it and you will just after beginning. You can modify the difficulty level of these exercises to make them work for you. We are all human and want to feel healthy, strong, flexible, and energetic. However, LAHF doesn’t want you to dread exercise, because the goal is for you to continue being active whether in your own life or with Life and Home Fitness. Our classes are not going to be too extreme. Pushing yourself is important for progress but consistency is the true key. Each class may vary slightly and this variety is the best part about trying these personal live and pre-recorded classes. Let’s have some fun because the best exercise is the one you’ll do!



Bands Workout - Whole body

Beginning with a warm up and then moving on to use the exercise bands with or without handles through all ranges of motion and exercises to tone and strengthen your amazing body.


Ball workout-Whole body with exercise ball

Beginning with a warm up and then moving on to use the exercise ball (the large kind you can sit on or wrap your arms around) through all ranges of motion and exercises to tone and strengthen your amazing body.


Seated exercises

We can do so much from a seated position, working your arms, shoulders, core, and legs with assistance (Bands or partner) if possible because you or someone you love may want or need to get some seated exercise! Even if you are just worn out and need a day to sit and rest, but also move. Please join me, I know that when you begin moving in this way you will feel better both mentally and physically. I am betting you will want to come back, and you will even begin to see a difference!


Fluid Strength & Stretch (Yoga)

These Yoga like moves will continually keep you moving, either ending or beginning the class with lying relaxation. A participant once said it was like athletic Yoga, doing more for her in a shorter duration. If you haven’t tried this type of exercise before, be patient with yourself. You don’t have to do every move. Brink a block, towel, or something to help you hold onto and relax into the stretches that you can’t quite reach initially. I know for myself, I start out feeling a bit stiff and it’s a challenge, and by the end I am dramatically more flexible, feeling healing and fluidity. Try and follow this class through until the end and I think you’ll feel amazing, but even a few of these stretches will help you gain flexibility, with practice.


Corrective Stretch Fix

Moves geared toward a specific sore or stiff area. Stretch and strengthen areas such as the back, neck, shoulder, etc. to help with a funny night’s sleep and postural misalignments.


Upper Light Weights Workout-Whole bod

Focus on Upper-Beginning with a warm-up and then moving on to use weights (I use 5-8 lbs handheld) through all ranges of motion and exercises to tone and strengthen your amazing body.


Aerobic Dance

This class uses your whole body, combining basic moves that anyone can master. It is choreographed to music with a deep beat so you will become familiar with some and also enjoy learning new songs. There is no experience necessary and you will have so much fun using salsa, the box step, grapevine, etc. Having little dance experience, within a few classes it became so fun being able to follow along (for the most part) It’s like a party and you’ll want to come back


30 min Lower body Day

Strengthen and tone your lower body using your body weight, ankle weights and hand held free weights as resistance. Standing, seated and floor work included. Remember you can modify these exercises such as lowering less from standing and lying face down on the floor versus being on your hands and knees.


Yolates (Pilates mix)

Pilates moves with a few strength and Yoga mixed in the class that will definitely strengthen areas of your body you haven’t felt in some time. The focus is on the core center of your body, but it will work throughout. Using body weight and occasionally other equipment.


Mini Trampoline or not Cardio

Don’t you still have one of these? My Mom always did, and now I do. If you don’t, you can use the floor as we march and bounce in place to get our heart rates up and burn a lot of calories. You can even use it for seated abs, chest, and core work.


Lower Light Weights Workout-Whole body

focus on Lower-A whole body workout the same as above with more standing and lying leg exercises.


Pretend Water Aerobics

This is our creation to make us laugh and move as though we were in the pool since a lot of us can’t be right now in 2020-2021! It includes Aerobic activity (meaning with oxygen), strengthening, and stretching exercises. We will step, march and swoosh here, although you are welcome to add the higher impact bounce as though you are in the pool if desired. Feel free to have some fun with me and wear your swimsuit (With your space heater on).


30 min Upper Body Day

Isolate the upper body more, or if you would like to continue working your lower body you’ll have the option to stand. Standing, seated, and floor work included. Your own body weight and resistance equipment such as bands and weights used, or you can make your own using jugs filled with sand for example.



Small movements initially based on Ballet moves but requiring no Ballet experience. You will work on strengthening and toning your body and it will focus on areas within like your Pelvic Floor that you use for important bodily functions!


10 min Core

Abdominal exercises that keep your abs and core (using your abs and back together) going and contracting to help define this important mid-section of your body