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Beginner Recovery Exercises (COVID-19)

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Have you ever done an exercise video that was supposed to be for beginners and thought, “That was the beginner workout?” and became discouraged or frustrated? I have, and I exercise regularly. I cater workouts to individual strengths and needs. This video I created is what I consider very beginner exercises, especially if you have been on bed-rest or hospitalized. I have seen this first-hand with friends and family recovering from COVID-19, cancer treatment, or just being tired from working or family commitments. I’d like to give you somewhere realistic to start. There are many modifications to these exercises that will follow in another YouTube video. If you know these modifications already, that’s great. My hope is that you will follow along with your beginner or recovering family member, and do the more advanced moves such as a squat instead of completing the sit-to-stand. Chances are some of your household members are more advanced or interested in regular exercise, so it really helps to have a partner to hold you accountable. Make an appointment with yourselves, be well, and I am with you!

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